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Our Vision

“You can attract customer once by advertisement but quality service within affordable price will bring them back again & again”.Thats why quality service & products is the primary focus of the Parlour. You may be familiar with different parlours & products advertised in TV, Newspapers & Journals, but as per Drug & Cosmetic act advertisement of such product is banned. People Take advantage of certain loopholes & do so.

The reason for drug & cosmetic items being banned is that you can’t treat a person until you diagnosise their problem . As Drug & Cosmetic products have certain chemical items & if used without proper diagnosis it may be harmful, e.g if you have a disease you go to the doctor who pescribes medicines after diagnosis of the cause. Same medicines may not be pescribed to two person having the same disease, therefore buying products through T.V advertisement may not prove effective for all. Hence waste of money.

In Priyanka’s Glow & Shine the problem is identified, diagonised and suitably treated with appropriate products & that too within a affordable price. As Priyanka is a qualified & experienced beautician with a diploma from a recognised University she is experienced to do so.